Thursday, January 21, 2016

Spring 2016 Bug Tracking

More bugs may be listed in the first bug tracking post. Or just search for "bug" in the search box.

Video Full-screen Playback goes Black -- Under the Content tool, if you have uploaded a video file to the New > Video or Audio option, when you play back the video and view it fullscreen, the video keeps playing but the screen is black. Note, this is only for video files added directly to Talon. Does not affect YouTube or VOD videos. (Fix ETA - unknown)

Draft/Published Switching -- When you change an item from draft to published or published to draft, it should change the label, but the page doesn't seem to refresh so appears stuck even though the item status has indeed changed. If you refresh the page, you will see the status is updated. FIXED!

Save Grade Item Dialog doesn't close -- If you create a grade item from the Assessment tab on a quiz for example, and click the Save button, the dialog overlay doesn't close when you save. If you try to click save again, an error will occur since you already have created that grade item.

Repeat Descriptions on Course Schedule -- Under the Content tool, the course schedule appears to be duplicating the description of items - only for Dropboxes. (Fix ETA - End of February) FIXED!

Date Displays Incorrectly for Instructor on Special Access -- If you have given a student special access to a quiz, the end-date displayed for instructors is oddly inaccurate. The good news is that is displays correctly for the student, and the correct date is enforced. It will just look odd for you. (Fix ETA - End of January) FIXED!

Quiz Retrieval from LOR Error -- If you try to retrieve a quiz published to the LOR, it will fail. Work-around is to share the quiz as an export or add the instructor you are sharing it with your course as a Course Reviewer. (Fix ETA - End of April with 10.6.0)

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