Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gradebook category showing decimals when the scores entered as whole numbers


One of my categories in angel gradebook is showing the wrong number of points. There are decimals in the point totals, but all of the scores I entered were whole numbers.


A possible solution to this would be that the category is using weights/percents rather than points.  If at some point in time you had set the gradebook weighted/percents under gradebook settings, and set a category not to auto calculate this could be the culprit.  Note that usually when you change from percentages to points, the system will automatically change everything from percentages and points, but if it doesn't here is a way to correct it.

To check and see if this is the problem, go to Manage > Gradebook > Gradebook Preferences. Under gradebook settings change the gradebook mode to percentage instead of points then click save.  Now click on Categories and look in the Auto Calculate column. Does it say No? If you are using straight points, you need to change this to Yes.  Click on the settings for the row that says No, then check the box next to Auto-calculate, then click Save. Click the done button to bring you back to the Gradebook menu. Now go under Gradebook Preferences and change the Gradebook Mode back to points.

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