Thursday, October 11, 2012

Students not seeing quiz even though set to accept submissions


Student's are not seeing the quiz even though I have it set to accept submissions. What happened?


The problem is that there are two controls on how a student views or takes an assessment  The first is under the access tab (with the advanced radio button selected).  The "View Restrictions" determines when a student can view the assessment.  The second is under the interaction tab in Delivery Settings. "Delivery Settings" determines when Angel will start and stop accepting submissions.  So a possible issue is when you give students Access to the assessment, but do not allow them to start accepting submissions under the Interaction tab, which would allow the students to view that there is a quiz there, but not allow them to take it. In reverse if you do not allow students to view the assessment under the access tab, while giving them the ability to take the exam under the interactions tab, the student would not be able to complete the assessment due to the inability to access the content. In this case while the delivery settings were set to accept the quiz, the view restrictions had been in place to prevent the students from seeing it.

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