Thursday, October 11, 2012

Importing grades from an excel document into Angel


How can I import my grades from an Excel document into Angel?


On the Manage > Gradebook there is option to import / export grades from Angel.  The first step is to create your assignments in Angel.  You can find out more on how to do that in this post. You want to create all the assignments in angel first, so it is easy for the system to recognize the assignments when you re-import the file with the grades all entered. The second step is to export the Gradebook as a comma separated file. To do this go to Manage > Gradebook  and select comma separated file. Choose if you want to enter the grades as percents or points, and click export. (note clicking save will just save your settings, but not export the file to your computer).  It will save the file as a .csv file (comma separated value) that you can open in Excel

When you open it up in excel you will see that the file has all the assignments/students in the Gradebook  You can move columns around in the excel document.  When you are finished, save it using the same format (comma separated file) and import it into Angel.  To import it into angel you go to your Manage tab > Gradebook > Import grades. Browse for your file, for the  Delimiter choose comma, and click the option for headings. Now click next. The when it loads so you can double check to make sure all the titles match up.

One thing that you can do when using excel to record your grades is move the columns around in excel, just making sure to keep the column headings associated with the grades. When you import the grades back into Angel, it does not matter where the columns are at.

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