Thursday, November 29, 2012

Manual override of grades in gradebook

A student has taken an assessment, in the submission manager it shows the correct number of points but in the gradebook, it is showing the student received at 0? What is causing this?

A simple solution to this could be that manual override has been selected for this particular assignment. If you open the grade entry grid in gradebook and click on the item, it will open a pop-up that will allow you to type in the points for that assignment. In the upper right corner (see below).

If you click override calculated grade, it will allow you to put in a different grade than what was assigned to the assignment.  If at some point you had manually added a score and clicked override calculated grade, it would show whatever your manual score was, instead of the score angel assigned. Even if this grade changes in the future through Angel, it will always be overridden with the score if the Override calculated grade is checked.

Now if there is only one or two individuals who had their grades overridden you can manually go in, click on each student and unclick Override calculated grade. If there are quite a few students, it might be easier for you to go in, delete the assignment in gradebook (not the assignment in the lessons tab), and recreate the assignment in gradebook. Once the assignment is linked back up to the item in gradebook, it should auto-populate the assignment with the correct scores.

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