Saturday, May 16, 2009

AUC09 7.4 Overview

Improvements coming!
• Discussion forum screen real estate improved a bit. Not leaps and bounds, but it’s certainly better. And a PRINT to PDF option will help many.
• Gradebook – the entry grid is super intuitive and functional. Ungraded item nugget available for homepage or elsewhere.
• RSS nuggets - both for course and personal RSS
• Rubrics – for manually scored content items EXCLUDING discussions. They will likely be looking at this, but nothing promised at this point
• G Button – for easy media embedding/linking
• Submission Manager – for grading assignments and assessments all in one location. Time will be saved here.
• LOR – better interface for searching content in many ways (including search by standards). Also better reporting for linked assignments/surveys for the instructor.
• Surveys – better matches assessments
• Admin – Organizational Structure! Merging courses are also new, but I did not hear any specifics on this. Cleaner CSS. Backup scheduling at course or org level.
• HELP – videos have been included for some of the instructor step-by-step information.
• Question Pool – item analysis now possible.

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