Thursday, May 14, 2009

AUC09 Angels and Daemons I

A look at differences and functionality available with actions and agents. I did not know there was a difference, so this looked interesting. If I understand correctly, actions are individual content item automations (found on the content items Settings, Automate tab) and are always triggered by a user event associated with that item. While Agents can include more course-wide automations. These are set on the Automate tab for the course. Actions are special in that they can compare and evaluate data within the course to then carry out some function. Apparently this isn't possible with Agents. Who knew?

In any case, I now believe it is possible to award points for at least the viewing of (probably not the completion of) a course eval survey that is linked to a LOR. We need to play with this a bunch more.

It is also IMPERATIVE to retire any scheduled agents from a course when the course is finished. Need to add this note to our Agents training!

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