Thursday, May 14, 2009

AUC09 iTune U Integration

A custom nugget for iTunes U integration in Angel. Currently working in 7.3 with plans to have it soon in 7.4. Mostly a course list for courses that have published content in iTunes U. With a single click on the nugget, iTunes U opens with access to authenticated private course materials. Plenty of customizations available in terms of roles. A grassroots created nugget from SUNY/Brockport. Requires a little bit of extra management. Actually it requires quite a bit of extra management to set up. But with limited courses having content in iTune U, it seems to make it worthwhile.

I wonder how the nugget responds to course copy? It seems that the link was attached to the Course ID, so perhaps this would be additional set up each semester for each course. Not sure. Once we have iTune U up and running, this will certainly be something to look at.

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