Saturday, May 16, 2009

AUC09 Pushing Published Grades

The important take away from this session is that it is possible. Campuses are publishing grades from Angel to their student information systems. This campus was using Banner, and after allowing faculty to publish grades, they saw a large increase in Angel use.

They are using some custom asp files to make this happen and needed to work with Banner to make the code work. They will share their asp code and Banner code if we’d like to take a look. Contact Kevin Davidson,

The process for instructors is quick and simple. With a grade scale included (this is up to the instructor), Angel figures what grade should be published. Instructors still have the ability to fudge these scores. A custom asp page forces faculty to confirm their choice. Not clear why this step is necessary, but it was slick.

Some Angel admin improvements are still needed to make this better. Grade types are locked to the installation – so we can use only one group of allowable grades. The concept of freezing the published grades was also discussed. Freezing creates a snapshot of the published grades - Admin can freeze them as many times as needed.

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