Thursday, May 14, 2009

AUC09 Wimba

Pronto, Wimba’s IM with whiteboard, isn’t available yet for Angel. Darn it. I like Wimba. I like it a lot. The whiteboard feature is simple and could prove useful to many. The voice discussion is compelling. The studies indicating increases in retention are super (I did not actually see the data though, so these might be a bit suspect). Regardless, I’d love to have this option available to encourage new approaches to content for online materials and interactions. Some of the tools Wimba provides are slightly redundant to Angel tools (eg. IM). But Wimba does them better.

Suite includes: Classroom, Voice and Pronto. More info on their website ( Plenty of webinars to attend if interested. FTE pricing model.

UPDATE: Spoke with Wimba, met Iowa rep Sally Cozort. Start small was her suggestion. Try the voice tools and then later move on to the Classroom if needed.

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