Saturday, May 16, 2009

AUC09 Utilize LOR

Why and how to start using Learning Object Repositories. The benefit is sharing. Sharing many files and other content items to multiple courses is easier with an LOR. Perhaps media services would like to place photos in a Media Services LOR. Perhaps the library would like a LOR with links to all the important databases. These links could then be included into any instructors course if they so choose.

The part I was missing was the managing of access to particular courses or department level courses. Need to do some testing, but apparently it is all in the filters. Set a filter and access is granted. Doesn’t seem like it was that easy, but I will revisit it.

In setting up LORs for courses/depts the presenters recommended pre-filling the LOR with some folder structure. This helps to keep everyone a little more organized. Nothing to stop them from re-organizing everything, but not many will. All faculty with a course automatically have a personal LOR. Additional LORs need to be created by the admin. Not sure if this can be part of the XEI course creation script or not?

One potential negative to linking to items in a LOR – there is no way to know where that link is going. If you link to an obscure LOR item and the editor later removes it, you might be out of luck trying to figure out where that item was – especially if you have access to fifty plus LORs.

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