Thursday, May 14, 2009

AUC09 iTeach Online

JCCC Teacher Training course/workshop. Instructors who teach online are mostly required (enforcement at the associate dean level) to take a seven week course covering everything faculty need to know about teaching/learning online. Okay, maybe not everything, but there is a core here. The course is offered in hybrid and full online course. Is this something we are missing at KCC? Should online instructors receive training on how to teach in the online format, as opposed to just training on how to use the system - with the occasional best practice tossed in?

The audience for this kind of course would be widely diverse: tech skill levels, disciplines, pedagogical training levels, age, ft/pt, etc…

Within the workshop, instructors experience the role of the student. Examples in the course are given in such a way to demonstrate best practice. For example, a Getting Started module is part of the course and includes all of the skills necessary for students to participate. If there is a discussion requirement, the Getting Started module should include a discussion.

The other clever element to this course is teaching instructors to take screenshots of errors. In the future, if an issue arises the instructor can grab a screenshot and share it with the admin. Awesome idea!

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B said...

Certainly, this type of course would result in benefits to everyone; trainers, helpdesk, instructors, and ultimately, the students. Definitely something to pursue.